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Menu Details

Good eating habits contributes to healthy brain and physical development of our children. At Glenashton Daycare Centre our menus reflect the daily-suggested nutritional intake (As recommended by the Canadian Nutritional Food Guide) and child friendly meals. Our menu goal is to provide our children with the necessary energy needed to reach their developmental millstones. To ensure quality and care is put into all of our meals, Glenashton Daycare Centre ensures:

  • All food preparation is done by a certified dietician

  • Menu catered to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers

  • Made in house

  • Made using fresh ingredients

  • Rotated on a four week basis and is modified every Fall/Winter and Spring/ Summer

  • Adaptable to allergy concerns or needs

  • Substitution provide for food restriction

  • Halal option available

  • Absolutely nut free

Fresh Produce

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