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Educational Curriculum

Glenashton Daycare Centre has been serving the Oakville community for over 25 years. We take pride in ensuring our children utilize the emergency curriculum to reach their full potential. The Emergent curriculum style of learning uses the developmental domains from exploring what is relevant, interesting and personally meaningful to children.


Key Features of Emergent Curriculum:

  • Emergent Curriculum is constantly evolving in response to the children’s (Infants, Toddlers, and preschoolers)  changing needs and interest. It is flexible and responsive.

  • Provides opportunities for adults and children to take part in the decision-making and problem solving processes.

  • Through daily observation, educators create program plans based off the interest and needs of the children.

  • Educators use visual documentation (webs, pictures, portfolios etc) to display each child progression through the developmental milestones.

The Benefits of the Emergent Curriculum:


Educators plan and record the learning experiences that develop from children’s budding interests, passions, strengths and needs. Through Emergent Curriculum child:

  • Become agents over their own learning

  • Feel more a part of the planning process

  • Provides enhanced opportunities for children to develop their social/emotional, language and creative abilities.

  • Provide developmental appropriate challenges.


Benefits for Parents:

  • Strong communication about children’s learning.

  • Opportunities to contribute family and community priorities and ideas

  • Ability to see through documentation your child skills and concept development.

(National Association for the Education of Young Children)

Child Portfolios:

At Glenashton Daycare Centre individual child portfolios are created to document your child develop throughout their time at our facility. Our educators conduct weekly observations using the Early Learning for Every Child Framework (ELECT Tool).  The Early Learning for Every Child Today: is a “Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings that describes how young children learn and develop, and provides a guide for curriculum in Ontario’s early childhood settings”(ELECT,2007,pg.1).


Benefits of using our portfolio documentation:

  • Allows educators to document your child development

  •  Through observations, educators are able to address the unique needs/interests of your child.

  • Helps to set developmental goals.

  • Allows new staff, students or volunteers gain insight into your child development.

  • Great tool for transition period to new classrooms.

  • Great keepsakes

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