Glenashton Daycare Centre is licensed for 10 Kindergarten children. We believe children learn best in a classroom that provides an age-appropriate, educational curriculum that is centered on the child. We aim to help every child develop life skills that will foster independence, social skills and cognitive development. Our goal is to prepare each and every child in our classroom to be prepared to continue onto grade one and excel in the traditional classroom. Our goal is to create a maximum love of learning! Using The Full-Day Early Learning–Kindergarten program, set out by the Ministry of Education, reflects the belief that four- and five-year-olds are capable and active learners, full of potential and ready to take ownership of their learning. This program approaches children as unique individuals who live and learn within families and communities. The program aims to provide every child with the kind of support he or she needs in order to develop:

– Self-regulation
– Health, well-being, and a sense of security
– Emotional and social competence
– Curiosity and confidence in learning
– Respect for the diversity of his or her peers

Enhanced Weekly Program for Preschool and Kindergarten:

– Music & Movement
– Yoga (Body Awareness)
– Gardening
– French Classes